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Comfort Stretch Crop (CY300)

Random Sample Regular price $20.00

List Price (a)

24 pieces: $29.10
72 pieces: $28.20
144 pieces: $27.00
500 pieces: $20.40

2xl + $4

Includes custom waistband.

Production Time

3 weeks

The ultimate in comfort. Designed with relaxation in mind, this cotton fabrication has just the right amount of softness and stretch to keep you comfy and cozy all day. Customize the Waistband to complete the look.

Fabric: 95% cotton / 5% spandex

+/- 1" Waist Inseam Length
S 13" 20" 29.5"
M 14" 20.5" 29.5"
L 14.5" 21.5" 30.5"
XL 16" 21.5" 30.5"
2XL 17" 21.5" 30.5"


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