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Design College

Steps for using our tool:

1. Hood Lining

First,customize your hood.Click on the 'Hood Lining' text to open the drop down options.Here,you can choose from our patterns or create your own using any logo,image or design.To create your own, click the upload button. Choose the file from your computer and watch it appear in the hood. Use our sliders to adjust the position and sizing.

2. Body color

Next,use the Body Color dropdown to choose from available body colors.

3. Checkout!

After you've completed your design,click 'Add design to cart' on the right side. You will see pricing update based on quantity ordered.

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*Please allow 10-15 business days  production time*

Info! Customize Jacket through angle front ,back ,left and right.
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  • Buy 12 for 40$
  • Buy 12 for 40$


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