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FPS Wellness is is a domestic, private label manufacturer with it's primary focus on the design, production and distribution of PPE products ranging from isolation gowns to masks and test kits.


To Whom it My Concern:
Health Supply US is delighted to recommend FPS as one of our top partners for our Department of Defense (DOD) isolation gown contract. The performance from FPS ranks them at the very top of our many subcontractors for this project. Not only has FPS met every deadline, but they have also gone above and beyond to do so. Due to the superb service and performance from FPS, we have substantially increased the volume of their current order. I would highly recommend this organization. Please feel free to contact me if you require any additional information.

To Whom It May Concem,
Positive Promotions and FPS have enjoyed a strong strategic partnership since April 2020 which indudes distribution of Level 2 Isolatlon gowns and other various PPE goods (gowns, gloves and masks).

FPS provides manufacturing, storage, fulifillment, and drop ship services to our health care network which indudes some of the largest hospitals and health care systems spread over 3,000 individual locations.

We currently have an indefinite quantity contract with FPS as our primary manufacturer and
supp1ier for level 2 gowns through 2025. Since 2020, FPS has delivered over 1 million gowns annually to a complex network of healthcare facilities and networks with a superior performance record.

FPS has continued to be a reliab1e vendor with a proven and dependable track record, regardless of the complexity or scale of project. Their delivery of the products to us began during one of the most severe periods of supply chain disruption and PPE scarcity in recorded history. Their professionalism and performance are valued in the industry today.The support we've received, and continue to do so, from their customer service, creative
services, and domestic and global supply chain teams have always exceeded our expectations.

I highly recommend them to anyone in need of PPE items, regardless of the scope of work.

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