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5 Ideas for Branding with Swim This Summer!

Relax, You've Got Promo!

We can admit it - swimwear isn't always the first thing that comes to mind when you think of promotional apparel. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be considering it though! Here at FPS Apparel we aim to create unique items that help your brand truly stand out. Here are 5 ways to use our OP200 Ladies One Piece Swimsuit or our M320-J Coastal Board Shorts to your company's advantage this summer:

1."Bleisure" Swag

Those who fuse business and leisure trips have been gathering steam in recent years. When people travel to conferences and conventions, they’re increasingly taking time for themselves. Enhance your employees’ experiences with branded items like swimsuits & beach towels when they want to unwind poolside or seaside after your corporate event.

2. Viral Visibility

Picture your brand front and center at DJ Beach parties, creating a buzz among attendees and extending your reach far beyond the shoreline. Connect with influencers early and make sure your swim gear is in their swag bag. With eye-catching visuals featuring your logo, your brand will be synonymous with fun in the sun! Need help with creating that one-of-a-kind design? Our team of graphic artists has you covered - just send in a virtual request!

3. Versatile Promotion

Whether it's a corporate beach retreat or a lively summer festival, our swimwear is the versatile promotional item that fits any occasion. Elevate your brand presence at poolside gatherings, beachfront activations, or casual networking events, turning heads and sparking conversations wherever you go.

4. Unique Uniforms

Imagine your restaurant's logo emblazoned on swimwear worn by staff at beachside events or pool parties. With every dip in the water and stroll along the shore, your brand gains visibility and recognition. Whether it's a beachfront BBQ or a seaside cocktail event, your staff will stand out as ambassadors of your culinary excellence.

5. Community Engagement

Host DJ Beach parties or sponsor local beach clean-up events while showcasing your brand's commitment to the community. FPS swimwear with your logo becomes not only a promotional tool but also a symbol of your company values and dedication to your surrounding community! 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to make waves with promotional swimwear. Contact us today to discuss how we can customize your order and take you out of shallow waters!

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