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Beyond Apparel

Elevate your business with our


Welcome to FPS Apparel, where we go beyond custom apparel to offer you end-to-end sourcing solutions that elevate your business. With our years of industry experience, we're your trusted partner in sourcing excellence.

We understand that your business needs extend beyond apparel. That's why we've expanded our services to become your trusted partner in sourcing excellence. Whether you need domestic or overseas sourcing solutions, we've got you covered.

FPS Apparel is your solution for customizing our inline items and factory direct options, bringing your ideas from concept to reality. You’ll work with one team, every step of the way. Leveraging our extensive selection of factories, reliable logistics model, and overseas sourcing expertise,
your promotion will be a success!


Start to Finish Service

    • Layouts
    • Pre-pros
    • Production time
    • Production pictures
    • Turn Time
    • Tracking #’s

Delivered Pricing

  • No Customs
  • No Extra charges
  • No Risk

Choice of Shipping Method

  • Air Shipment – In hand 1 week or less
  • Fast Vessel - In hand in 2-3 weeks            
  • Regular vessel - In hand 4-6 weeks


Depending on what is needed.

    • Large retailers’ approvals
    • Human rights approvals
    • Testing approvals

*Certifications based on the project

Examples of Products

  • Worked Custom Gloves          
  • Custom coated material Bags
  • Brand name Hand Creams
  • Safety Shoe Ice Grippers
  • Blanket robes.
  • Custom Kitted products and packaging


  • Air Shipment – In hand 1 week or less
  • Fast Vessel - In hand in 2-3 weeks            
  • Regular vessel - In hand 4-6 weeks

Code of Conduct

Our Company’s Commitment To Ethical And Responsible Conduct

Our company seeks to meet the high expectations of our customers and consumers. In that pursuit, we have adopted standards to achieve appropriate safety and quality standards for our products and to deter wrongdoing. These company standards also promote honest and ethical conduct and help ensure that our business is conducted in a consistently legal and ethical manner. We are dedicated to ensuring that our supply chain processes and expectations meet the needs of consumers, uphold the rights of individual workers, and advance protections for the environment. Learn more about our Code of Conduct >

Let's work together.

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