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Grateful Gesture Guide: 5 Gifts for Nurses Week

Nurses Week is quickly approaching this May 6th - May 12th. It's that special time of the year when we get to show our appreciation and gratitude towards our hardworking nurses. And what better way to honor them than with some custom apparel?
Custom apparel is a great way to give our healthcare heroes a unique and personalized gift that they can wear with pride. Add their name, the name of the hospital or medical facility they work for, or a Nurses Week design or message to make it extra special.
Not only does custom apparel create a sense of unity and pride among nurses, but it also helps to promote the nursing profession to the wider community. It's a great way to show people the importance of nurses and the impact they have on patients' lives.
If you're planning to create the perfect custom apparel for Nurses Week, we have you covered. We can help you with the design process and ensure that every piece is high-quality and comfortable for nurses to wear - they deserve it!
Let's make Nurses Week extra special this year with some awesome custom apparel! Here are 5 of our products we think would be perfect for Nurses Week gifts:

QZ199 Comfort Blend 1/4 Zip

Comfy and cozy, yet professional - perfect for a nurse. Our 1/4 zips come with a customized collar that is fully sublimated - include as many colors as you'd like in the design. Take it one step further when an embroidered name to really personalize it.

H100S-B Allover Print Mask Compatible Headband

This product was created during the pandemic specifically as a solution for healthcare workers, which makes it one of our top products for Nurses Week. Our custom sublimated headband is designed to allow nurses and other healthcare workers to wear a mask comfortably without looping it around your ears. Go classic with a simple design, or switch it up to something fun with an allover print.

ET100 Effortless Tote

Nurses are always on the go and a tote bag is the perfect accessory to have! Constructed of durable polyester, it can be fully customized in the design and makes for a great, long-lasting work bag. Decorate it with a hospital/medical center logo or with a fun Nurses Week message.

AWJ100-H Denali All Weather Jacket

Something a little more luxe - our all weather jacket makes for the perfect special gift this Nurses Week. Designed to keep the wearer comfortable and warm without limiting mobility, it's a great fit for a work jacket. Its durable polyester shell can brave the elements and is easy to clean. Colorblock with the hospital's colors and add an embroidered logo for an extra touch.

FTLS100 French Terry Lounge Set

Lastly, why not give them the ultimate gift of comfort with one of our lounge sets? Our FTLS100 is made of soft, blended french terry fabric that feels like relaxation. It's the perfect item for a nurse to cozy up in after a long shift at work. Allover print allows for complete customization, so let's create a meaningful design that shows your appreciation.
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