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PPAI Expo 2020 Recap

Whew! We're back from the whirlwind of last week that was the PPAI Expo 2020

Our week started with Dan & Jay arriving to Vegas Monday morning to setup our booth. This year, we used the same booth structure as 2019 with some upgraded furnishings including a TV added to play a promo video on our brand (see below!!), new mannequins, upgraded clothing racks, graphic panels, and more. After 6+ hours of hard work, and nearly a disaster of the booth breaking in half, setup was finally complete.

Day 1 of the Expo was hectic to say the least! Jay & Dan were busy the whole day - showing off our newest styles , catching up with old customers, and finally meeting some of our newer customers face-to-face. The hit product of the day was our allover print onesie. The Bud Light sample that we featured in the booth drew a ton of laughs and attention!

Day 2 of the Expo was quieter but full of lots of potential new business! It was Jay & Kevin manning the booth on the second day. With the show being a little slower, it gave us the opportunity to have a much needed discussion with some of our newest outside sales reps. We met some exciting potential new customers very interested in some large-scale custom apparel projects. As usual, new customers fell in love with our customizable hood linings with plans to introduce the idea to their customer base right away. 

Day 3 was, as usual, slooooooowwww. The third day of the PPAI Expo, the half-day, is notoriously slow with most customers checked out and returning home from their Las Vegas excursion. Kevin worked the booth himself on the final day. By 2pm the show was closed and by 4pm it was a wrap for FPS!

Overall, it was a week full of stress and lots of work but also lots of laughs, lots of fun, and great conversations with customers new and old. A huge thank you to all who stopped by to see us in Las Vegas and we look forward to a successful 2020 with you!

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