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Trade Shows Are Coming - Top Tips and Tricks for Surviving Expos

Trade show season is quickly approaching and what better way than to kick it off with one of the biggest and best out there - the PPAI Expo 2023! We can't wait to see our customers and reconnect. Trade shows can be overwhelming at times - read below for some of our tips and tricks for surviving expos.

-Check out the hashtag game ahead of time. In an industry that genuinely thrives off social media, never underestimate the importance of a hashtag. #PPAIEXPO2023 is definitely one to follow in the coming weeks. As the event draws closer, you'll be able to get a better idea of the attendees, any fun or exciting events, and information you might miss otherwise.  You can follow #PPAIBooth3375 to follow FPS Apparel!

-Set up meetings early. Some companies (including FPS Apparel!) are making time to meet with customers face-to-face. It's a great way to connect or reconnect with companies and form a personal connection. Interested in meeting with our team? Drop us a line at!

-Go with the flow, but be in the know. One of the best parts of attending trade shows is walking the floor and seeing new products and companies you might never have come across otherwise. On the other hand, you might have tried and true companies that you can't wait to see. Make notes of their booth numbers so you don't miss them while you are keeping yourself open to new opportunities!

-Learn as much as you can. Industry trade shows often host educational sessions from experts on different tips and tricks to help you become the most successful you can be. From marketing master classes to sessions on sales strategies, these opportunities are worth it. Learning from those with experience who have found success in our industry? Sign us up

-Wear comfortable shoes and bring business cards. 'Nuff said.

We are just about a month away from PPAI 2023. Let us know if we'll see you there!

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  • Great tips for working the show… as my first PPAI was in 1988 Dallas… a lot has changed… I will have to learn more about the Hasttag game. I will plan on stopping by your both… Terry Ginn

    Terry Ginn ADV

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