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What 'Made in USA' Means to Us

We take pride in being able to manufacture goods on US soil and build up our community. While we work closely with our overseas partners, our ability to offer domestic options for some of our most popular apparel is one of the things we value as an American-owned family business.

When 2020 hit, Americans had to shift their everyday lives to deal with the new normal. From travel restrictions to wearing masks everywhere, how we lived changed right before our eyes. We had to adjust as a company to this new normal as well. Not only did we launch FPS Wellness, we also ensured we were able to fulfill custom apparel needs here in the US when factories overseas began to close down. In 2022, with ongoing China factory shutdowns, port congestion, and customs clearance delays, our NY area manufacturing ability continues to be crucial for our customers.

Our microfactory in Chester, NY is where we source/select fabric, develop our patterns, cut and sew garments, and so much more. Laser-cutting allows us to reduce turn times, making it possible for you to get your orders even sooner. Interested in additional decoration? No problem! We can provide embroidery and screen printing services as well, handling your order every aspect of the way. We can take your project from concept to completion right here in the US.
Custom is what we do, and we are glad to be able to offer Made in USA options for so many of our apparel items. Have a quick-turn custom apparel project? Shop our Made in USA styles today!
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