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Inside Look: 5 Awesome Holiday Sweaters


Here at FPS we create some pretty cool merch for some pretty cool brands. About four years ago we started getting lots of requests for holiday sweaters. What started as printed tees grew into some really fun, crazy, and UGLY knit sweaters. We're ramping up for "ugly sweater season" this year. Below we've put together an inside look at some of our favorite holiday sweaters of the past. Check them out for some fun ideas and examples of what your brand can do this winter.

PUBG Knit Sweater

Two years ago we were contacted by a distributor to produce custom knit sweaters for popular gaming brand PUBG. Our art team was provided with design elements which they used to create this awesome (and ugly!) sweater in two colorways. We cranked out our Made in USA Knit Sweater in a super tight timeframe. PUBG used the piece to send to gaming community influencers to thank them and increase brand awareness. 


Sloomoo Institute Knit Sweater

If you're like most of us and have never heard of Sloomoo you have to check it out. Sloomoo Institute in New York City offers the ultimate SLIME experience that is really one of a kind. To reflect their unique brand, they came to FPS (through a distributor) to find a truly one of a kind sweater. Through collaborations with our art & production teams, the final product was this creative sweater that they sell via their online store and in-person retail shop.

Rubrik Knit Sweater

A distributor representing Rubrik, a tech company, approached FPS because Rubrik was in need of something unique: a cost effective, winter promotional item that could be used to help acquire new customers. We sprang into action, creating a custom knit sweater (our style KUS100-J) produced overseas and delivered within their target price point. The result? Rubrik was able to offer an awesome gift and make a real first impression. They used the sweater as a giveaway to customers who requested a demo of their cloud management service.  

Run The Jewels Knit Sweater Vest


 A few years ago, when ugly sweater parties were the cool new thing to do, hip-hop duo Run the Jewels wanted to release their own stand-out sweater that would be a hit at all of the parties that winter. Working with their distributor and FPS, they were able to do just that. Their over-the-top sweater vest became a hit product in their online store that winter. 


Deschutes Brewery Knit Sweater

Breweries are known for having some cool apparel but Deschutes really nailed this one. Wanting to make an impact with some fun, feel-good winter merch in their brewery retail store, Deschutes partnered with FPS to create a custom branded sweater that blended quality with creativity. We were able to deliver a truly custom piece that was both impressive and profitable.


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