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How to Design the Perfect "Ugly" Sweater

Is there a better holiday promo than a knit sweater printed in your brand's custom design? For sure, not. Knit sweaters - decorated in the 'ugliest' design possible - have become the go-to apparel item of the winter. Think your grandma's sweater, but with a cool, creative twist and customized! Every brand will want an ugly sweater this holiday season to stay on trend, while keepin' it classy.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when thinking about your ugly sweater design this upcoming holiday season

1. Know your limits

At FPS our Made-in-USA knit sweaters allow for up to 5 (sometimes 6) colors max in the design. So don't go designing something with thousands of colors and expect to pull it off! The reason for the color limit is because each color adds more knit (and therefore more weight) to the garment. Anything over 6 colors will get super heavy and certainly feel uncomfortable to wear.

2. Add 'wintery' elements

Snowflakes, reindeer, Christmas tree galore! Wintery pattern elements throughout the sweater can turn your boring logo'd sweater into an ugly, holiday masterpiece - truly a Christmas miracle!

3. Make your brand POP

Choose from stock knit colors or opt for the PMS matched route to really make your brand pop. PMS matching requires higher minimum orders and possibly longer production times so make sure you get started early if you're very particular about colors.

4. It's NOT in the details

Remember the ugly sweater is a process that involves actually knitting in your design. Don't get crazy with details! Extremely detailed images or elements will turn into blobs in the knit sweater design. But who knows, it may make your sweater uglier?!

5. Enlist a designer

Lucky for you, FPS Apparel has a design team that will create your ugly sweater concept for free. That's right. Send us a logo and we'll get you our ugliest design in 2-3 days. It doesn't get much simpler than that!


 Interested in getting started in some ugly sweaters? You can request a free virtual mockup or contact our sales team to get started.

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