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4 Reasons Why Every Brand Needs Custom Hoodies

Fall is right around the corner and that means one thing:


What's your brand doing for promotional apparel this fall? If it's not custom lined hoodies you're missing out. What's a custom lined hoodie? FPS Apparel introduced the custom lined hood a few years back and the idea took off. We take any logo or design and add it to the hood of a sweatshirt. Sounds cool? Well it is!

Here are 4 reasons why every brand needs some awesome custom lined hoodies...

1. They're Unique

Promotional apparel used to mean slapping your logo on the front of a shirt and calling it a day. Thankfully those times are long gone. Custom hoodies are fun and unique! Branding your hoodie in a unique way with a customized hood liner will certainly draw more attention to your brand - who doesn't want that?

2. Small Commitment

You may be thinking something so cool must require an order of 144 or even 500 pieces. Think again. FPS Apparel's custom hoodies require a minimum order of just 24 pieces meaning you can try out the custom hoodie as a limited time run. See how it goes. Don't like it? No sales? No worries, at least you won't have 500 pieces sitting in a box in the garage!

3. Brand Value

Screen printing a logo on the front of a sweatshirt may be quick and easy, but does it have an impact? When comparing an exciting custom lined hoodie featuring logos or a design in the hood with a bland screen printed hoodie - What will a consumer pay more for? What creates more value for a brand? It's an easy answer.

4. Get 'em Quick

Nowadays everyone wants custom products yesterday. Luckily custom hoodies don't take months to produce. Give us 2-3 weeks and we'll have your custom creations in your hands. Still plenty of time to order yours this fall!


 Interested in getting started in some custom hoodies? You can request a free virtual mockup or contact our sales team to get started.

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